Registering The Death

How and where do I register a death?

Any death which occurs in Scotland must be registered by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The law allows a death to be registered in any registration district in Scotland.

Register Office

Bridgegate House
North Ayrshire.
Telephone: 01294 324988

The opening hours of registration offices, varies between local authorities and some operate an appointments system. You should therefore check with the relevant local authority before attending an office.

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Caring For The Deceased

Once you have entrusted the deceased to our care, you can be reassured that we will look after them with respect and dignity. They will rest with us until the day of the funeral in our Chapel of Rest, if you prefer, they can rest at home or in church, if this is allowed.

We wash and dress everyone within our care taking particular pride in how we present you loved one. Some families like to provide us with items such as a favourite outfit. Having a female Funeral Director gives that “special touch” in preparing the deceased for viewing.

Viewing the deceased

Many people find it comforting to view the person who has died and like to put items in the coffin, such as the person’s favourite pictures or other small gift. Others find it upsetting to see someone they loved who has passed away and want to remember them as they were.

This truly is a personal choice but as with everything we do we will respect your wishes and help you in any way we can.

We have a beautiful Private Chapel of Rest that you can spend time with your loved ones until the day of the funeral.


Telling others about the death

You may wish to tell people about the death and the details of the funeral, by putting a Death Notice in a newspaper whether local or national. We can help you with drafting and sending a Death announcement to a newspaper.

We can also assist after the funeral with placing an Acknowledgement in the newspaper to thank those who attended, sent flowers or donations. We can, if you wish take copies for you to keep.


If you have any questions about our services or are confused about what to do after the passing of a loved one then please do not hesitate to
contact us

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