Choosing The Type of Funeral

For any funeral service the first decision that you will need to make is whether it is going to be a burial or cremation. You will also need to decide where the service will be held, this could be a place of worship, at a crematorium, at the graveside or somewhere else. In the case of cremation many people will have a service at their place of worship with a shorter service at the crematorium.

The choice of burial or a cremation may already have been made by the deceased, this might have been discussed with loved ones or in their will.

The arranging of the funeral service involves many elements. We will take care of all of the details. We will listen carefully to your requirements, help you make important and difficult decisions, liaise with third parties, and are responsible for ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day.

We will guide you through the options when you have to make decisions about:

Music and Hymns

We are able to give advice on all aspects of music for the funeral service and make the necessary arrangements.

During their life many people say that they have a song that they want played at their funeral and the choice of music played at a funeral can add a personal touch to the service.

It is becoming more and more popular for recorded music to be played at a funeral instead of, or in addition to, more traditional hymns and organ music. We can also offer a Piper to play at the Funeral at an additional cost.

Please be advised that if your funeral service is being held in a church, some ministers may only allow traditional music and hymns. Most crematoria have large collections of all types of music and most will allow you to provide your own music on CD.

Transport For The Service

There are a range of funeral transport options available. The usual choice of vehicle is the motorised hearse, followed by a number of limousines of your choice to transport close friends and family of the deceased to and from the ceremony.

However, other types of funeral transport are available including:

  • Traditional horse drawn hearse
  • Motorcycle hearse

We will of course advise you on the various options available to you when arranging the funeral.

The Funeral Service

The funeral service is a way of saying a final farewell to someone who has passed away. We are here to take you through the decisions you need to make to ensure you can arrange the funeral you want for your loved one.

Order of Service

You may wish to have an order of service sheet; this is included in our Directors Fees. The order of service sheets can also include a photograph of them or an image of something of significance to them. We can print personalised orders of service on your behalf and can advise on layout and design.

Funeral Flowers And Charitable Donations

Flowers are associated with funerals as a way of paying tribute to the deceased and expressing sympathy to the deceased's friends and family.

There are a wide variety of different funeral flower arrangements and you can choose specific types of flowers or colours, perhaps in line with the preference of the deceased if known. We can help you with the ordering of funeral flowers and can also record or collect the card messages for you.

Many people prefer charitable donations in lieu of flowers. It is likely you will have a charity or good cause in mind who you would like to benefit from the money donated at the funeral. People usually select a charity relating to the deceased for example, a local hospice that they stayed at, or a charity linked to their cause of death such as a cancer, heart or kidney charity.

Coffins And Caskets

We offer a wide range of high quality coffins, the coffin is included in our Directors Fee. We can advise you in your choice at the time of arrangement. We also stock Caskets for Cremated remains.

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